Thursday, August 7, 2014

Transitor unipolar stepper motor driver

After searching a littl bit in the internet for a simple stepper motor driver all i was finding was
Uln2003 drivers and Easydriver for very tiny motors and my stepper was 2A at 2.6V so i thought i would get and make my own driver.
Now parts that u will need:
1:4 Transistor(I used MJE13007 u can use what ever u want as long as it is more then 2A).
2:4 Diode 1N4001(I didn use any beacuz i am using only 12V but u should if u are using 24V just to protect the transistor).
3:4 Resistor for the base of the transistor.
4:A Arduino

The code for the Arduino:
You can change the delay until 2 for self start motor
if u change it to 1 you will need to start the motor by hand.
You can experiment with the output of the transistor as not
all stepepr have the same winding.