Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Arduino Home Automation

Today i thought i would share with u this project
its fairly easy and dosnt use much parts its the Arduino Home Automation.

Parts needed.
Bluetooth module
2 CH Relay
and some jumpers.

Sorry i am demostrating this with LED but Fritzing didnt had any 2 CH rRelay module.
But yeah it works

Arduino                             Bluetooth                              
1(TX)                               RX
0(RX)                               TX
GRD                              GRD
5V                                  5V (VCC)
                                   1 Channel Relay
5V                                     VCC
GRD                             GRD
Pin 7                              IN 1
Pin 8                                     IN 2

Code for arduino can be found here:

Android App:

                                                      Video demonstrating