Sunday, December 14, 2014

Arduino Home Automation 9 Channel Version

This is part of the  Arduino Home Automation wich i build and have posted a video on youtube.
First of all the schematic.
It was hard for me to make a schematic on fritzing or anythign else cuz there were a lot of wire
and u could understand anything so i decided to not to do it with a image but to make it into a text wich is pretty easy to understand.

The bluetooth module connects to the arduino via the RX/TX pins.
Basically the Rx of the bluetooth connects to the Tx of the arduino
and the Tx of the bluetooth connects to the Rx of the arduino.
The arduino puts a negative output so the led's positive will have to 
be wired in parallel and the negative of the led with be turned on or off
So basically all the digital pins of the arduino are outputs beside 
pin 11,12,13 only those pins are not used but in the future i will 
use those pins and make a 12 channel version one.

Arduino code:

Android App:

Ps:Sry for no IOS version but its not that easy to create a app for IOS.